About us

Welcome to BMY the home of Buckinghamshire Marching Youth

Established in 2020, Buckinghamshire Marching Youth ( BMY ) is an Independent traditional style youth marching band. Formed by a small group of people with a passion for marching bands and music on the move. The band features a wide range of instruments including brass, woodwind, mallets and percussion. The majority of the band are young people aged 7 to 25 supported by adult section leaders.

Each year, we aim to provide our members with opportunities to learn and progress whilst playing, marching and having fun. As a result they will get to perform at a variety of events show casing a range of music from traditional marches, popular music, movie tunes, old classics and anything in between. Through this, the young people will learn skills in music, drill, self discipline and teamwork, of which are all valuable life skills.

Every successful band needs a team behind them, BMY are very lucky to have a fantastic leadership team with 20 years experience of youth marching bands. The team will ensure every young person progresses to a high standard and valued within the band. The current team are on the look out for more adults to assist in the teaching of young people.

As an independent band we are self-funding which means we are actively raising funds at all times. This is done through performances, fundraising and hosting a variety of events to support the day to day running of the band and musical experience.

If you think you could support the band in anyway please get in touch with us through our contact page. http://www.bmy.org.uk/contact-us