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I’m interested in music and would like to be part of a marching band, how do I join?

below you will find information about both our Main band and the Trainee section. They are designed to push the members to the best of their ability in a variety of aspects including playing, marching, theory and team work. Once you have read about the band if you are still interest in joining then please contact us by email

Being a member of BMY requires all players to be enthusiastic and devoted. This will result in a passion for music on the move and life long friends. As a whole band there will be many opportunities for training, social activities, band camps and public performances. As a marching band, as well as playing to a high standard we teach drill and deportment from day 1. This in turn will allow all members to participate in parades along with the Main band.

Instruments – The instrumentation of the band is made up of instruments from 4 main groups including Brass, Woodwind, Mallets and Percussion. We aim to have a balanced number of players in each section providing a richer overall sound.

Rehearsals – As a band we rehearse twice a week and have a structured practice session allowing for drill, section practice, theory work and a full band practice both static and marching. All young people will be asked to attend both practices at the allocated times and thrive to work hard each week.

Main Band – Our Main band is open to any child or young person aged 7+ with previous experience of playing an instrument, music theory or marching in a drill squad. As a member of the Main band you will get to play a wide range of tunes and perform at a variety of events that may include massed band performances, large carnivals and parades as well as competitions.

Trainee Section – As a member of our trainee section you will work through BMY’s progress scheme. This aims to teach all new players to play a musical instrument, understand basic theory and be able to march to a high standard. At the end of the progress scheme the young person will graduate to the Main Band.

So if you fancy getting involved in this new and exciting musical adventure then email us on: